TLMI is a member powered association. Together we address the industry's most relevant concerns such as workforce development, government and regulatory affairs, and sustainability. There are numerous opportunities for converter and supplier members to participate on a TLMI committee in their area of interest and expertise. Committee participation has both networking and learning advantages. Further, TLMI committees make tangible contributions to the association and the industry as a whole. Committees come together every January at the TLMI Committee Summit to establish goals for the year and to provide all of the groups opportunity to collaborate on shared initiatives. You can learn more about the composition and efforts of TLMI committees below.

Environmental Committee
Co-chairs: John Crosby, Grand Rapids Label; Philip Coates, UPM Raflatac.

The Environmental Committee brings together experts from TLMI member companies who share their knowledge of recycling, regulations, procedures and new technologies. The committee serves as a reliable source of environmental, health and safety legislative, regulatory and related technical information for the tag and label manufacturing industry. They gather and furnish TLMI members with current, relevant and timely data so that the membership is made aware of issues and requirements in the environmental, health and safety areas. The committee may also sponsor technological research and education programs to assist the industry in developing solutions to environmental, health and safety concerns. It liaises with similar committees in other printing industry groups. It presents two awards annually to member companies for environmental leadership.

The work of the Environmental Committee is carried out in three subcommittees with guidance and oversight by the committee chair.


  • Release Liner Subcommittee

  • Matrix Subcommittee

  • Environmental Leadership Awards Subcommittee

Government & Regulatory Affairs Committee
Co-chair: Alexandra Joesten, CCL; Catherine Heckman, Ashland

The mission of the Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee is to provide accurate and pertinent information impacting the tag and label industry with TLMI membership. The committee's priorities are determined by input from TLMI membership utilizing access and methods through relevant resources, industry experts and appropriate membership communications. TLMI has partnered with PACE, a government relations consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. to assist us in monitoring both federal and state legislation and regulation. As the industry's most member-driven advocate, TLMI actively works with other-like minded associations and the broader recycling community  to ensure our members have influence on all affairs that impact our member companies.

Marketing Committee
Co-chairs: Bill Myers, Domino; Kristin Yerecic Scott, Yerecic Label

The Marketing Committee is focused on make sure TLMI and its initiatives properly communicated with both membership and the broader industry. They actively work with the other committees on their communication initiatives in addition to advertisements promoting increased membership, social media, improving association visibility and influence, direct marketing and ensuring that members are getting the most out of their membership. The committee recently completed TLMI's rebranding exercise introduced in 2018.

Membership Committee
Co-chairs: Tom Alba, Mark Andy, Inc.; Michelle Zeller, AWT Labels & Packaging

The Membership Committee committee works directly with TLMI Staff on recruiting new members, member retention, and implementing new membership benefits.

Technical Committee
Co-chairs: Michelle Garza, DantexRBCor; Lori Campbell, The Label Printers

The Technical Committee provides practical information on industry trends and technical solutions critical to our members. Drawing its knowledge from a wide range of industry leaders, the committee provides an ongoing source of technical data and expert opinions to the TLMI membership and the label and packaging industry. The Technical Committee organizes the bi-annual printTHINK Summit emphasizing TLMI’s inclusive networking environment to create educational workshops, networking table tops, and personal meetings. Our committee divides its activities among various sub-committees focusing on current research, innovation, and trends in the tag, label and packaging industry.

Workforce Development Committee
Co-chairs: Heidi Bollin, Bollin Label Systems; Jessica Harrell, Anderson + Vreeland; Shawn Oetjen, AWT Labels & Packaging / Flexographic Tech

The purpose of the Workforce Development Committee is to facilitate programs for the TLMI Membership that will help to recruit new, sustain existing, and continue to develop talented employees and future leaders for the tag and label industry.


  • College Advisory Council Sub-Committee

  • Future Leaders Sub-Committee

  • Scholarship Sub-Committee