TLMI Position on Climate Change

TLMI Position on Climate Change

TLMI recognizes the risks posed by global climate change, such as more severe weather events and adverse impacts on human health and the environment; therefore we encourage TLMI members to take significant action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

TLMI staff and committees have undertaken numerous efforts to promote and provide opportunities to reduce and recycle business waste which provides opportunities for companies to reduce GHG emissions.  TLMI also supports the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, a third-party audited certification program which enables our members to create a Sustainability Management System for tracking and improving environmental impacts, including GHG emissions.

It is TLMI’s position to:

  • Continue our efforts to encourage members to voluntarily reduce GHG emissions.
  • Actively partner with other organizations that can assist members in reducing GHG emissions in manufacturing and in the supply chain.
  • Engage with stakeholders to explore markets for environmentally preferable products.

TLMI believes that voluntary measures offer the greatest opportunity for our members to design innovative solutions that work best for their own companies and products; however, tackling climate change will require action from all parties in all sectors.

TLMI supports legislative and regulatory policies that promote low carbon and renewable energy projects and offer incentives for energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy implementation, and enable companies to strategically plan for long-term energy alternatives. TLMI also supports the establishment of emissions reduction targets guided by the best available science and technology, and providing credits for companies that have achieved verifiable voluntary emissions reductions.