APR Introduces New Software for SUPPLYSENTRY Real-Time Inventory Management System

By TLMI posted 04-10-2018 13:53

APR1.jpgGlendale Heights, IL: All Printing Resources (APR) announces that the company has rolled out a new version of the web-based interface for the SUPPLYSENTRY real-time inventory management system. The new interface comes with software improvements that were developed in conjunction with inventory management experts. New built-in formulas suggest the optimum amount of inventory to keep in stock and help determine when and how much to replenish. The new system delivers even more information to SUPPLYSENTRY customers, assuring companies that they consistently have balanced inventory levels at all times.
APR's roots in RFID-managed inventory tracking date back to 2004 and the company remains at the forefront of RFID technology testing due to nearly 15 years of software development. APR's new SUPPLYSENTRY system is the culmination of a decade and a half of software development expertise and marketplace testing.
This real-time business tool helps companies manage their supply chains, resulting in increased profits and decreased costs. SUPPLYSENTRY eliminates the risk of production stoppage due to running out of critical items including stickyback, end seals and doctor blades by monitoring changes in usage patterns over time. Based on this accumulated data, the system recommends specific replenishment amounts allowing for a reduction in overall inventory levels and safety stocks. An additional benefit is that labor costs are lowered because APR takes over inventory management.
APR does not currently charge customers for SUPPLYSENTRY if minimum purchase requirements are met. With more than 40 systems managing millions of dollars of inventory across the industry, SUPPLYSENTRY has a proven track record of reducing stock-out situations, reducing overall costs, and allowing converters to focus more on their businesses and less on having to constantly monitor inventory levels.
Customers access the improved SUPPLYSENTRY features by logging in.

For more information about how SUPPLYSENTRY works, visit 
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