NEW VIDEO “When Flexo? When Digital? When Hybrid?” illustrates ‘when best’ to choose each technology

By TLMI posted 11-05-2018 16:39


Intro_-_When_Flexo__When_Digital__When_Hybrid.jpgGurnee, IL – Domino has created a brand new video titled “When Flexo?  When Digital? When Hybrid?”  Its longer, documentary-style length is geared for the label printer converter who is researching various technologies and configurations, trying to determine what their next label press should be.

“Evolution and progress are all about moving forward. It’s about taking a look at the marketplace, drivers, trends and technology, and determining what is best for your business. If you’re a flexo-based label printer converter, you may be wondering if it’s the right time to get started with digital. You may be wondering when to use flexo, and when to use digital. And if you’re already using digital, you may be thinking, “Do I have the right digital technology to compete, be successful, and grow my business?” And what about hybrid?  There are a lot of questions, so ‘When Flexo? When Digital? When Hybrid?’ was created to help provide the answers,” says Bill Myers, Marketing Manager at Domino, Digital Printing North America.

This educational and informative video walks through various scenarios and criteria of when best to choose flexo, when best to choose digital, and when best to choose hybrid.  You'll see and hear from industry research experts, label printer converters, and more. You will learn about the latest brand owner demands and how they are driving the marketplace.  And you will understand that the decision in choosing the appropriate technology and configuration for your label jobs can be the difference between tremendous success, complacency, or failure. At the end of the day, it's about making more money for your business, providing more value to your customers, and making certain you don't get left behind.  And the best-fit technology and configuration to choose most certainly depends upon your book of business, and where you want your business to go. Watch this video to learn more about 'when flexo, when digital, and when hybrid’.

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