Long-time industry leader, TLMI supporter and 2007 Converter of the Year, John Pedroli of CCL Passes.

By TLMI posted 01-02-2019 13:00


JP.jpgI am very sorry to pass on sad news this holiday season. On December 28th, John Pedroli passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with his wife Kathy and the rest of his family. John was for many years the leader of our North American businesses. But to many of us, including me, he was also a mentor, a wise uncle or godfather. The kind of person who sometimes tells you things you really don’t want to hear but invariably should ... and yet he always found the means to do that in a way that also gave you a feeling of support and that he was on your side. He was widely acknowledged as one of the greats of our industry, a unique person who will be sorely missed.

To commemorate his memory our Charlotte facility, with which he was deeply associated, will be renamed the John Pedroli building. A ceremony to that effect will be planned at some point in the New Year

Thank you.

Geoff Martin President and CEO CCL Industries Inc.