TLMI Reinforces Commitment to Sustainability Practices by Publishing Industry’s First Matrix Survey Report

By TLMI posted 03-12-2019 11:15

Matrix_Survey_Report.pngMarch 11, 2019 (Milford, OH): TLMI announces the completion of the industry’s first matrix recycling survey initiative of its kind and the publication of the 2018 TLMI Matrix Survey Report. The association’s primary objective in carrying out the survey was to calculate the amount of matrix waste label converters generate based upon annual production data they submitted to TLMI. Survey methodology also included qualitative questions asking converters what they perceive as the major obstacles preventing the use of non-landfill disposal options.

To ensure survey integrity, a separate task force was formed within TLMI’s Environmental Committee to develop technical questions and frame them in a way that maximized participation. Additionally, survey results were collected by TLMI’s data-collection firm partner Industry Insights to ensure confidentiality. The survey’s scope included all types of pressure-sensitive matrix waste generated by TLMI converters in the United States.

Dan Muenzer, TLMI President, comments, “This has been a rigorous and gallant 18-month effort spearheaded by TLMI’s Vice President of Sustainability, Rosalyn Bandy, and involving the association’s Environmental Committee and our dedicated converter members. Never before has a recycling survey initiative of this scale been carried out in our industry and the published results are a complimentary TLMI member benefit. TLMI’s commitment to providing our members with useful tools and resources to help them become better stewards of the environment remains steadfast. This is an extremely high priority for the TLMI Board of Directors, for Rosalyn, for myself, and for the Environmental Committee. Publishing this initiative is a great way to practice what we preach, every single day.”

Association members will soon be receiving a download link from TLMI headquarters with instructions on how to access the report.