Orion Labels 'poised for greatness' with CEI BossJet powered by Domino

By TLMI posted 07-09-2019 11:50


Eric_August_-_Partner_-_Orion_Labels.jpgGurnee, ILOrion Labels, a Wisconsin manufacturer of custom printed pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed film labels, non-pressure sensitive labels, tags and specialty items, says they are “poised for greatness” with the addition of the ‘CEI BossJet powered by Domino’ hybrid press.

The press was installed at the beginning of the year.  After several months of Orion Labels running production, we caught up with their team who describes the benefits they are experiencing with this new press and the immediate, positive impact it is having on their business.  The interview below was captured in the following video.  VIDEO: Orion Labels ‘CEI BossJet powered by Domino’

In Walks Domino, In Walks CEI…

Eric August, Partner at Orion Labels begins their story. “We got started like most people do with basic flexo equipment but realized that we were going to need to do something to start to differentiate ourselves from the competition that we have in this area.  Our customer base was really showing a need for something outside the standard flexo printing.  In walks Domino, in walks CEI. Once we started comparing them to other digital engines out there, it was just a no-brainer for us.  It’s gotten to the point where people want to run this piece of equipment, because it’s new and it’s exciting.”

Neil Vandenberg, Partner at Orion Labels adds, “We’ve noticed a definite difference for our bottom line because of the Domino, and because of the CEI equipment. We’re running things in a much more efficient way, we’re running things in a much more cost-conscious way.  That’s a huge thing for our customers.”   

New Markets, Happy Operators, and Running Jobs in a Fraction of the Time

This hybrid press, which combines flexo and digital UV inkjet, increases Orion Labels’ efficiency and improves profit margin on their existing short-run / high-SKU business, while freeing up capacity on their flexo presses for longer, less-complicated runs.  In addition, it allows them to gain customers and projects for which they could not compete previously utilizing only traditional flexo.

Jonny August, Director of Operations at Orion Labels emphasizes how this press not only helps obtain new business, but also the internal benefits being realized. “What excites us about this machine is that it allows us to enter new markets, and it’s been really exciting to see how our operators have taken to this machine.  It’s made their jobs easier and they’re running them in a fraction of the time.”  

Poised for Greatness

Dave Bradish, Director of Sales at Orion Labels provides his view of their ‘CEI BossJet powered by Domino’ hybrid press. “We’re just getting started with it, we’ve had it five months.  And the capability of this piece of equipment gives us the quality we’re looking for, and we give the customer the best solution.”

When you combine the external benefits that Orion Labels is experiencing with their current customers while gaining new ones and the ability to enter new markets, coupled with the internal benefits of increased efficiency, improved profit margin, and happy & excited operators producing work in a fraction of the time, it’s easy to understand why this press is a game changer for their business.

In conclusion, Eric sums it up perfectly. “We really think that this is what’s going to take us to the next level.  We truly believe that this is the way to go.  We’re poised for greatness.”

Orion Labels, founded in 2003, set out to create a family of individuals that have a common goal of providing ultimate satisfaction to their customers.  They have continued to grow and prosper as a team built on their reputation of servicing their customers.  Their goal is always to “provide our customers with ultimate quality and service.  We understand that your success is directly related to our performance.” For more information and to learn of their extensive capabilities, please visit orionlabels.com

CEI, a Montana-based manufacturer, continues to drive business in the narrow to mid-web marketplace by developing technologically innovative equipment.  The latest collaboration is the ‘CEI BossJet powered by Domino’ hybrid press. CEI also manufactures high quality slitter rewinders and other high-speed equipment for various industries including label, medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, fuel cell, solar cell and digital markets.  For more information, please visit slitandrewind.com

Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital printing and product identification solutions.  Celebrating its 41st year in business, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters in the UK, and North America headquarters in Gurnee, IL.  Domino has 25 subsidiaries, representation in over 120 countries, and over 2,800 employees worldwide.  For more information on Domino, please visit dominodigitalprinting.com