TLMI Releases Official Sustainable Consumption/Production and Climate Change Position Statements

By TLMI posted 08-09-2019 10:45

August 9, 2019 (Milford, OH): For the first time in the association’s history, TLMI has released Position Statements encompassing the areas of Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Climate Change. Following the board of directors meeting earlier this year, an official structure and process was put in place to create and adopt Position Statements on topics the association believes are important to its members. According to the board-approved process, positions adopted by TLMI and statements issued on behalf of the membership must be based on sound scientific knowledge and reflect the interests of TLMI membership as a whole.

The Sustainable Consumption and Production Position Statementsummarizes that the association believes that industries, businesses, and consumers must move toward sustainable patterns of consumption and production. The statement outlines the Waste Management Hierarchy and lists ways TLMI members can ensure they are following the objectives set forth in the statement.

The association’s Position on Climate Change recognizes the risks posed by global climate change, encouraging TLMI members to take significant action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Change Statement further outlines measures the association has taken to promote and provide opportunities to help members with their internal sustainable processes.

Dan Muenzer, TLMI President, comments, “TLMI has a responsibility to its members to have in place official Position Statements on topics that are essential to our industry’s growth and longevity. Part of the Position Statement Process states that a statement can be requested by any member, committee or board member. From there, the process will involve the board and TLMI’s Legal Counsel. This is the first time this process has been established within the association and I believe strongly reinforces the fact that we remain extremely committed to hearing the voices of our members, and committed to the critical issues the association faces in our constantly changing industry.”

TLMI’s Position Statement on Sustainable Consumption and Production can be found here.

TLMI’s Position on Climate Change can be found here.