ARMOR announces the launch of APR®1

By TLMI posted 6 days ago


inkanto.jpgSince ARMOR introduced Thermal Transfer ribbons in Europe in 1983, the company has developed the capacity to create ink ribbons based on a thorough evaluation of the market needs. Over the last 18 months, ARMOR has been formulating a new ribbon that not only answers strict technical and performance specifications, but also gives a whole new logic to the entire range.

ARMOR is now proud to announce the launch of APR®1, the competitive wax-resin ribbon for Flat-Head printers. It offers ARMOR partners an economical solution for price sensitive wax-resin applications where good performance and affordability are the key criteria in the product selection. 

APR®1’s main characteristics are:

  • Competitive price with no compromise on quality
  • A high-density black ink thanks to its 2 pigmented ink layers
  • A unique formulation giving a very good sharpness when printing
  • New ribbon generation made of 4μ PET film thickness reducing plastic waste by up to 12%

With its capacity to print all kinds of paper or synthetic label materials, APR®1 is typically well suited for the following applications:

  • Logistics labels
  • Product distribution labels and hang tags
  • Sachet labels
  • Fresh food labels
  • Pharma
  • And many others

APR®1 is part of the ACCESS ribbon family… but what does that mean?

ARMOR moto has always provided solutions to all Thermal Transfer application needs and strives to make Thermal Transfer easier, the historical baseline of ARMOR TT activity. With the addition of APR®1 as the competitive wax-resin ribbon, the whole range is crystal clear and so easy to understand. It will simplify ARMOR partners’ offering and bring a simple approach to ribbon-users.

Based on a cost/performance ratio, ARMOR is introducing 3 families of ribbons, each of them comprising of a wax, a wax-resin and resin(s).

  • Club: The ribbons for everything. ARMOR covers 80% of the standard labeling needs with these

3 products. AWR®8, APR®6, AXR®7+.

  • Access: All what is needed for price driven businesses. 3 competitive ribbons with the usual

ARMOR quality: AWR®1, APR®1, AXR®1.

  • Expert: For the most demanding or specific applications with stringent requirements.

AWX®FH, APX®FH+, AXR®8, AXR®9, AXR®EL (electronics), AXR®TX (textile).

APR®1 is accessible to all ARMOR partners and for those who selected the inkanto offering, and APR®1 also comes with a lifetime guarantee, free cleaning wipe and individual certificate of conformity.

With the same purpose to offer a great range logic, ARMOR is introducing the new competitive resin ribbon dedicated to Near-edge printers. AXR®100 is positioned as the Access ribbon of the existing resin range which already comprises historical leading ribbons like AXR®600 (Club family) and AXR®800/900 (Expert family). For ARMOR partners, AXR®100 is an alternative to gain additional business among ribbon users that put price as their key criteria.

Contact your usual ARMOR representative to learn more about APR®1 and the new range logic. Free samples are available.