The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award, previously known as the TLMI Environmental Leadership Award, recognizes both one association supplier and one association converter member that have each demonstrated a commitment to progressive environmental practices across a range of areas.

These areas include but are not limited to solid waste reduction, landfill avoidance, recycling, the implementation of new ‘clean’ technology and/or processes, or the implementation of an education program, and efforts in collaboration and partnership with other organizations. The award is an eponymous tribute to one of the labeling industry’s most respected environmental and sustainability thought leaders and longtime TLMI member.


For decades Calvin Frost has tirelessly focused on reducing the amount of release liner and matrix waste going to landfill. Frost has been a long-time champion of environmental initiatives in the label industry and is among the most enthusiastic contributors to TLMI. Calvin attended Kenyon College, graduating with a bachelors in English. In his first job, Frost sold fiberglass for Owens Corning. After 10 years, he changed careers and became a recycler, running a waste paper company in Columbus, Ohio. In 1978, Frost started Channeled Resources Group, at that time, a 100% waste paper recycling company. Calvin’s leadership, passion and dedication to making our industry greener continues to inspire a new generation of sustainability leadership.


The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

Rose City Label

Rosalyn Bandy, TLMI Director of Environmental Strategies and Outreach, Scott Pillsbury, President, Rose City Label, and Craig Moreland, Immediate Past Chairman.
The Converter Award for Environmental Leadership was given to Rose City Label, a converter that has embedded best sustainability practices into nearly every facet of the company’s culture. The company participates in their community’s plastic wrap program, recycles all of their pallets and use water-wash flexo plates. They also take advantage of their local utility’s offering of 100% wind-power generated electricity. An early adopter of environmental certification programs, Rose City holds monthly sustainability metrics meetings, bringing the company’s practices and sustainability goals to all employees.

The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

Flexo Concepts

Craig Moreland, TLMI Immediate Past Chairman, Greg Howell, President, Flexo Concepts, and Rosalyn Bandy, TLMI Director of Environmental Strategies and Outreach.
The Supplier Award for Environmental Leadership was given to Flexo Concepts, a TLMI supplier member who over the past year has collaborated with the owner-occupant of their building to install a photo-voltaic system on the roof. The system produces 100% of the energy used by the company and the building’s other tenants. The solar array installation, completed over a five-month period, included 850 panels, 40 power inverters and all the materials required to connect the solar energy to the building and electric grid.

Previous Environmental Leadership Award Recipients

Award Company
2017 Converter Award Hub Labels
Supplier Award 3M
2016 Converter Award Constantia Flexibles
Supplier Award Flexcon
2015 Converter Award Lauterbach Group
2014 Converter Award Yerecic Label
Supplier Award Green Bay Packaging
2013 Converter Award The Label Printers
Supplier Award Avery Dennison Label & Packaging Materials
2012 Converter Award The Label Printers
Supplier Award Mitsubishi Polyester Film
2011 Innovative Technology Avery Dennison Label & Packaging Materials
Process Improvement Label World
2010 Innovative Technology Toray Plastics America
Process Improvement McCourt Label Company
2009 Innovative Technology 3M
Process Improvement Spear
2008 Innovative Technology Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America
Process Improvement Lauterbach Group
2007 Innovative Technology Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA, Inc.
Process Improvement Metro Label Of Toronto, Canada
2006 Innovative Technology Plastic Suppliers
Process Improvement Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
2005 Innovative Technology G-3 Enterprises, Label Division
Process Improvement DuPont Teijin Films
2004 Innovative Technology Green Bay Packaging Inc.
Process Improvement WS Packaging Group Inc.
2003 Innovative Technology E.I. DuPont deNemours & Company DuPont Imaging Technologies
Process Improvement Gallus Ferd. Rueush AG