World Label Awards

TLMI is proud to announce that five converter member companies have won World Label Awards. The L9 World Label Awards (WLA) competition is judged by an international panel of judges representing each of the participating L9 member associations. The judging took place in Brussels the day before Labelexpo Europe at the exhibition venue. TLMI members that won awards included Digital Label Solutions, Label Impressions, McDowell Label & Screen Printing, Multi-Color Corporation and Syracuse Label & Surround Printing.
The L9 is an alliance of global label associations created to jointly formulate policies and collect strategic information of global interest to the worldwide label industry and every year L9 association members are invited to submit entries for the World Label Awards, ensuring the competition is comprised of submissions from a wide representation of regions across the globe. The 2017 competition included entries from TLMI (USA), FINAT (Europe), JFLP (Japan), FPLMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand), PEIAC (China) and LMAI (India).

TLMI 2017 World Label Award Winners
Label Impressions Deva Curl Buildup Buster Flexo Line/Screen
McDowell Label & Screen Printing Performance Nutrition Combination Line/Screen
Multi-Color Corporation Octopoda Cabernet Wine Wine/Spirits Digital
Digital Label Solutions KIA - The Extra Mile Digital Printing
Syracuse Label & Surround Printing Ryze Vodka* Digital Wine/Spirits
*2017 World Label Awards, Best of the Best, Digital

TLMI 2016 World Label Award Winners

Label Impressions 'GT's Synergy Black Chia' Flexo Line/Screen
Inovar Packaging 'Aloe H20' Flexo Colour Process
Multi-Color Corporation 'Girl & Dragon Malbec' Flexo Wine/Spirits
McDowell Label & Screen Printing 'Get Real' Combination Line/Screen
Digital Label Solutions 'Tell us about your Kia' Digital Printing
Multi-Color Corporation 'Precision' Digital Wine/Spirits

TLMI 2015 World Label Award Winners

McDowell Label & Screen Printing 'Madame Hair Refresher' Flexo Line
McDowell Label & Screen Printing 'The Curse' Flexo Colour Process
McDowell Label & Screen Printing 'Poo-Pourri Dejá Poo' Combination Colour Process
Infinite Packaging Group '18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Shampoo' Combination Line Screen/Tone
WS Packaging Group Inc. 'Meguiar’s Paint Protect' Digital Printing
Collotype Labels, USA 'Tres Manos Añejo Tequila' Digital Wine/Spirits
National Label Company 'Energizer® EcoAdvanced AA' Gravure