TLMI On The Road

TLMI On The Road

On the road we go! Let us know if we will be on the road near you.  We would love to include you in our travels.

Where you will see us!

Event Event Date Location TLMI Attendee
RRD Engineering 10/9/2019 Milwaukee, WI Dan
St. Louis Waste Summit 10/16/2019 St. Louis, MO Roz
Cal Poly GrC Career Day 10/25/2019 San Luis Obispo, CA Jess
2019 Digital Packaging Summit 11/11/2019-11/13/2019 Vedra Beach, FL Dan

Where we have been!

Event Event Date Location TLMI Attendee
Cincinnati State Graphics Department 2/20/2019 Cincinnati, OH Dan, Jess
Asheville High School Graphic Arts Dept. Visit 3/10/2019 Asheville, NC Jess, Lauren
Association of Plastic Recyclers and Plastic Recycling Conference 3/11/2019 Washington, D.C. Roz
Steinhauser Open House 3/15/2019 Newport, KY Kyle, Lauren, Dan
Phoenix Challenge High School Competition 3/20/2019 Charlotte, NC Jess 
Nilpeter Open House Presentation 3/28/2019 Cincinnati, OH Kyle, Lauren, Dan
Sustainable Packaging Coalition Impact Conference 4/1/2019 Seattle, WA Roz
Label Institute Presentation 4/8/2019 Miami, FL Dan
COG Open House 4/12/2019 Cincinnati, OH Kyle, Lauren, Dan, Charles
AWA Global Release Liner Conference 5/1/2019 Charlotte, NC Roz
Phoenix Challenge College Competition 5/3/2019 Baton Rouge, LA Jess
FTA Forum and Infoflex 5/5/2019 New Orleans, LA Kyle, Lauren, Jess
Latin American Label Summit 5/15/2019 Plaza Mayor, Medellín, Colombia Tara Halpin (Steinhauser)
Digital Spectrum Presentation 5/21/2019 Gurnee, IL Dan
Association of Plastic Recyclers Summer Conference 6/4/2019 Minneapolis, MN Roz
FINAT ELF 6/5/2019 Copenhagen, Denmark Dan
Fortis Solutions Customer Awards 6/12/2019 Atlanta, GA Dan
Flexo Concepts – Food Drive Initiative 6/18/19 Boston, MA Dan
HP Thrive 8/6/2019 & 8/7/2019 Cincinnati, OH Dan, Kyle, Lauren, Jess
Mark Andy Converter Seminar 8/14/2019 St. Louis, MO Roz,Dan
Resource Recycling Conference  8/26/2019 Washington, D.C. Roz
UPM Leadership 8/29/2019 Chicago, IL Dan
Association of Plastic Recyclers Fall Conference 10/1/2019 Scottsdale, AZ Roz
PRINT 19 10/3/2019 Chicago, IL Dan