Membership Application



To become a member of TLMI the following criteria must be met:  

A) Any person, firm corporation or entity in North America actively engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale to unrelated third parties of tags, labels, and allied products, as the same may be defined from time to time by the Board of Director, shall be eligible for converter membership. 

References to North America herein shall mean Canada, Mexico, the United States, all U.S. Territories, and such islands off the coasts of North America as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

B) Manufacturers or distributors of supplies, raw materials, equipment or other products, as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time, used primarily in the manufacture of tags, labels and allied products who manufacture or whose products are marketed or distributed in North America are eligible for supplier membership. Those manufacturers who supply raw materials or other materials to suppliers of the industry are eligible for supplier membership. 


Complete applications will be reviewed by the Membership Chair and with his/her recommendation, the TLMI Board of Directors. Applicants will be informed of the membership decision within one week of submitting their TLMI application. Benefits with begin immediately unless otherwise deferred at the request of the applicant.

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