Market Intelligence

Custom Research
TLMI routinely commissions customized research around macro topics impacting our industry. Previous studies include Digital Printing and the North American Label Market. There is no charge to members for these reports as they are funded via our operating budget.

Quarterly Trends Reports
Participants in the underlying surveys receive the resulting Quarterly Trends Report. Results include: sales trends, the percentage of companies in the small, mid-range, medium and large categories, industry profit trends, backlog duration, the number of shifts companies employ, and overall employment trends.

TLMI Management Ratio Study
This exclusive benchmarking analysis is considered one of the top benefits of membership. Joel Carmany, President, Consolidated Label Company, noted “The TLMI Management Ratio Study provided a road map to where we wanted to go with our business in a very detailed fashion.” The benchmarking study provides converter participants financial trends information and significant insights into competitiveness, profitability and productivity. All data is collected by an expert third party to maintain strict confidentiality. Information is shared via a secure web portal which allows participating members to create their own dashboards and reports based upon a variety of criteria including converter size.

TLMI Index & Trend Report
The TLMI Index & Trend Report, published biannually in the 2nd and 4th quarters, features industry forecasts and projections for each of the major narrow web sectors including food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, retail, durable goods and automotive. The report tracks TLMI converting companies’ sales performance against major economic indices, giving members an invaluable tool against which to chart their own performance. The TLMI Index & Trend report also features brand owner (packaging buyer) surveys, converter capital equipment purchasing projections and benchmarking data to help TLMI members fine tune their production and business planning strategies.

Compensation & Benefits Study
This statistical Compensation & Benefits Study is fielded in the Spring of each odd numbered calendar year to help members understand how their pay scales align with other converters. The study is made available to participants only, its cost is included with the price of your membership. All data is collected by an expert third party to maintain strict confidentiality.