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TLMI DIY Hiring Toolkits

TLMI DIY Hiring Toolkits are a great tool to help your company effectively hire an employee on your own, without the help of a recruiter.  With the right process and the appropriate tools, you can hire great talent.  The DIY Hiring ToolKit consists of a hiring template, information specific to the job requirements, ideal employee characteristics, and a behavioral assessment test. 

DIY Hiring ToolKit Template

The DIY Hiring ToolKit Template is a FREE starter kit that prepares you for the specific information collected for each complete DIY Hiring Toolkit. The template includes a sample employment application, tips for a successful interview, interview scoring template, sample offer letter, sample confidentiality agreement, and a four week development plan. 

Download the DIY Hiring Toolkit Template 
DIY Hiring Toolkit Template - PDF
DIY Hiring Toolkit Template - Word Document

"Rule of One-Thirds" -- Factors Influencing Hiring Decisions

When considering the factors that should influence your hiring decision, it is recommended that 1/3 of your overall hiring decision come from the candidate's job experience, 1/3 come from how the candidate presented during the interview process, and 1/3 come from behavioral testing.

Complete DIY Hiring Toolkit

The DIY Hiring Toolkit includes sample job description & job postings, ideal candidate profiles, interview questions specific to the job posting. 

Completed DIY Hiring Toolkits

Digital Press Operator
Conventional Press Operator

DIY Hiring Toolkits In-process

Sales Representative
Customer Service Representative
Graphic Arts
Micellaneous Operations
(Shipping/Receiving, Press Helper, Rewinder/Finisher, Ink Technician)
Maintenance and Service Technician
General Office 
Continuous Improvement (Lean)

Test Your Candidate - TLMI TriMetrixHD Assessment Benchmark

The TriMetrixHD assessment will compare your candidate to the Ideal Candidate Profile developed by a team of experts in the industry.  

About the assessment: The TriMetrix DNA Assessment contains the following:

  • A DISC-based Behavioral assessment that describes how an individual will perform
  • A Spranger-based Driving Forces assessment that illuminates what motivates an individual's behavior
  • A DNA-Based Skills Inventory that captures what this individual “has done” in 25 research-based competencies that relate to the business environment

Your candidate's results will be compared to the industry benchmark so that you will be able to see both your candidate's results and the results developed by TLMI.

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Digital Press Operator
Press Operator