Environmental Initiatives

Matrix Survey
TLMI wants to be the boots on the ground delivering regional, non-landfill solutions for matrix waste. To be successful, we created our first-ever survey to gather data on how much matrix waste there is and where it's located. Why? Because these are the first questions that potential solutions providers ask. The data from the survey is collected and analyzed by a third party with the objective to develop pilots in areas where there is significant volume. TLMI's big goal is to take the regional solutions and make them scalable across the country through our partnerships with industry groups, recyclers, and startups.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
TLMI and FINAT worked together on the development of the associations' joint LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) project. Both organizations worked closely with PRé, a Netherlands-based sustainability consulting firm and worldwide leader on environmental impact assessment. To read the details of this work, read an interview with Anne Gaasbeek, on what LCA means to the label converting industry and the ways brand owners are prioritizing transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. Please click here to view a conversation about LCA with Anne Gaasbeek featured in the November 2015 issue of The Illuminator.

Environmental Leadership Award
TLMI recognizes member companies that make a strong commitment to good environmental practices each year with the TLMI Environmental Leadership Award. Award recipients demonstrate that good environmental practices also make good business sense. Their sustainability leadership and accomplishments are an inspiration to fellow members.

Recycling Solutions Guide Book
TLMI’s Recycling Solutions Subcommittee has developed a guide book to encourage recycling through increased awareness and education. The Recycling Solutions Guide Book addresses frequently asked questions and offers resources for matrix, liner, ink / HDPE jug, and plate recycling.

Matrix Recycling Map
The Matrix Working Group of the TLMI Recycling Solutions Subcommittee has compiled a resource map to provide members information on matrix recycling. Click here to view the TLMI Matrix Recycling Map.

A Practical Guide to Minimizing Ink Waste
The Ink Task Force of the TLMI Recycling Solutions Sub-Committee’s reports the results of an ink recycling survey and offers best practices for minimizing ink waste. Click here to see the survey's results and best practices.