Who We Are


TLMI is dedicated to helping our members succeed in the label and package printing industry. Knowledge sharing through open and authentic networking is our core strength. The association unites industry executives to share, discover and advise in areas that impact our collective success.

TLMI is a member powered association. Together we address the industry's most relevant concerns such as workforce development, government and regulation, and sustainability that can only be solved through our collaborative efforts. We focus on communicating our industry's technical developments along with peer and production benchmarking and the sharing of market intelligence.

As the industry's most member-driven advocate, TLMI actively works with other like-minded associations, educational institutions and the broader recycling community to ensure our members have influence on all things that impact our member companies.

TLMI Strategic Plan Summary

TLMI’s Strategic Plan was approved in July 2016 and is the guiding document for our organization’s activities and resource allocation. TLMI's Board of Directors' goal was to develop a strategic roadmap for the next ten years that includes our timeless core ideology and long term envisioned future. TLMI’s 3-5 year goals and objectives were established to help start making the vision a reality. 

Two years following the strategic plan’s debut, TLMI’s Board of Directors reviewed the organization's progress and adjusted as required. It was determined great progress is being made and the modifications were minimal, yet significant.

Core Purpose 
To enhance member success in the label and package printing industry.

Core Values
Knowledge Sharing • Innovation • Respect • Integrity

Long Term Vision
The recognized leader delivering sustainable solutions for the label and package printing industry.

3-5 Year Goals & Objectives

Communication Tools → TLMI has an efficient and effective two-way communication system for members and its external stakeholders.

→ TLMI is a leader in reducing the volume of matrix and liner becoming waste.

Label Leadership 
→ TLMI members have influence on all things impacting our member companies.

Workforce Recruitment 
→ TLMI is positioned to assist members in attracting a qualified industry workforce.

→ TLMI's revenue streams are diversified and positioned to fund the association's strategic plan.